1. Important Questions for Prospective Cleaners Part 3

    No matter how excellent your company may be, your facilities say more than you ever could. You may have had an excellent interaction with a client, but if he or she sees smudged glass and gritty tiles on the way out, it won’t matter. At Plenum Cleaning Services, we understand the role that your facilities play - the impression they constantly make on anyone who sees them. In our last blog, we sh…Read More

  2. Welcome to Plenum Cleaning Services!

    When you hire a company for data center maintenance, you need special kind of cleaning company. Keeping a data center healthy and clean is a complex, in-depth process that requires extensive knowledge and expertise. At Plenum Cleaning Services, we fully understand the profound importance of expert cleaning. That is why we know the standards like the back of our hand and we follow them to the lette…Read More