Why should I have my data center cleaned?

There are several benefits to professionally cleaning a data center, including:

  1. Reduces the risk of hardware failure and downtime due to clogged cooling airways and vents.
  2. Improves quality and density of the air, which makes it easier to cool and move.
  3. It can prolong the life cycle of the hardware, equipment, and access or vct floor.
  4. It reduces static electricity.
  5. It improves aesthetics.

What are some potentially dangerous contaminents in a data center?

Contaminants such as dust particles, dust mites, dust bunnies, lint, paper dust, cardboard dust, printer toner dust, hardware packaging materials, sticker label peels, metal shavings, wire clippings, wire connectors, cable ties, hair, bugs, spider webs and rodents.

These contaminants can build up inside hardware and equipment circuits as well as cooling and filtration areas. This build-up increases the risk of a power supply short circuit, circuit board malfunction, thermal system shutdown, or electrical fire.

Static electricity buildup in a high-pressure laminate access floor can also be hazardous to equipment.

Why shouldn’t an unqualified janitorial services company clean my data center?

Data center cleaning standards are much higher than commercial janitorial.

It is not possible to clean a data center in accordance to ISO Standard 14644 with the equipment, materials and processes utilized in commercial janitorial.

Please explore Data Center Cleaning 101 for additional information.

How often should I clean my data center?

The answer varies with each data center because of factors such as location; square footage; plenum size; airflow; foot traffic; type of activity; amount of hardware and equipment; frequency of old and new hardware and equipment entering and leaving the room; printer paper and toner dust; desired air quality levels and risk aversion.

Typically, a data center is cleaned either monthly, quarterly or bi-annually, although Plenum Cleaning Services can customize a cleaning program to meet your needs.

How often should I clean my access floor?

An access floor should be vacuumed and cleaned monthly or as needed.

How often should I strip and wax the vinyl composition tile floor in the data cente, MDF, IDF or Power Room?

A vct, epoxy or concrete floor should be stripped and waxed with an anti-static wax at least once per year or as needed.

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