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Data center cleaning is not commercial janitorial!

Data center cleaning differs significantly from commercial janitorial in many aspects because of the sensitive and critical nature of the data center environment.
It is not possible to clean a data center in accordance to ISO Standard 14644 with the equipment, materials and processes utilized in commercial janitorial.

ISO Data Center Standard 14644 Class 100,000 (100,000 0.5 micron particles per cubic foot of atmosphere).

Internal and external audits by risk committees often include data center cleaning and maintenance as part of a risk management program in order to mitigate hardware malfunction and costly system downtime related to dust, debris and static electricity buildup.

Data center cleaning is labor intensive and can take several days to clean depending on the size of data center and the scope of work.

At least a (HEPA) level vacuum cleaner with interference-suppressed circuitry, as well as, a conductive hose and attachments should be used in order to filter to 0.5 microns and prevent static electricity buildup.

Plenum Cleaning Services uses interference-suppressed Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filtered vacuum cleaners that can remove 99.999% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.12 micron or larger. This allows us to remove much smaller dust particles that are not removed by (HEPA) vacuum cleaners that are more commonly used.

Cabinets, hardware, equipment, overhead cable trays, lights, furniture, and wall fixtures should be vacuumed and then wiped cleaned with a non-residue, anti-static cleaning solution designed for critical environments.

High-pressure laminate access floors should only be vacuumed and then cleaned with a specially designed non-residue anti-static cleaning solutions.
High-pressure laminate access floor tiles have a matt finish and are designed to dissipate static electricity;therefore they should never be waxed for shine, even with an anti-static wax.

Remove wax from high-pressure laminate access floor immediately.

Wax and petroleum based floor cleaners that are designed for vinyl composition tile floors should not be used on high-pressure laminate access floor tiles because they will leave a residue that will attract dirt and age the floor prematurely.
The plenum should be vacuumed in order to remove dust, debris, bugs, rodents and reptiles that may cause static electicity, system malfunction, cable damage, feces, bacterias, odors and human harm.

All high-pressure lamiate tiles that are accessible should be lifted and wiped clean on all sides. Most companies lift every other or every third tile, and as a result the plenum is not thoroughly vacuumed and not all of the tiles are cleaned.

Ensure that the scope of work speficically states that all accessible tiles will be lifted and cleaned on all sides.

The underside of the high-pressure laminate access floor tiles (especially if they are concrete filled) should also be cleaned and treated with a non-residue anti-static chemical solution in order to remove metal oils, concrete residue, and dust/grime buildup that hinder the static electricity dissipation properties.

Ventilated tiles trap a lot of dirt and debris and should be vacuumed and wiped cleaned.

In order to avoid wax build-up, damage, and discoloration, only non-residue anti-static chemicals that are specially designed for cleaning high pressure laminate access floor tiles, hardware, equipment and cables should be used in a data center.

Traditional dust mops as well as mop and water bucket systems should never be used in a data center with a high-pressure laminate access floor because:

1) Dust mops will create static electricity and push dirt and debris in the gaps between the tiles.

2) Mop and water bucket systmes pose and electrical hazard because they introduce a significant amount of liquid into the data center.

3) Mop and water bucket systms will not remove the contaminants from the data center, but instead push liquid, dirt and debris in the gaps between the tiles and and underneath equipment as well as the plenum.

4) The mop is repeatedly “rinsed” in dirty water or solvent; therefore it will leave a grime buildup.

5) The mop strings get caught on the equipment, cables and access floor tiles.

6) The volume of liquid introduced into the data center by a mop and water bucket system will cause the high-pressure laminate access floor frame and tiles to rust and delaminate, resulting in costly damage and a preamaturely aged floor.

Data Centers, MDF Rooms, IDF Rooms, Server Rooms and Power Rooms with vinyl composition tile floors (VCT), epoxy, or concrete floors should be machine scrubbed clean (stripped) and waxed with an anti-static wax at least once per year.

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