When you hire a company for data center maintenance, you need special kind of cleaning company. Keeping a data center healthy and clean is a complex, in-depth process that requires extensive knowledge and expertise.

At Plenum Cleaning Services, we fully understand the profound importance of expert cleaning. That is why we know the standards like the back of our hand and we follow them to the letter. Data centers are extremely sensitive to contaminants, and repairs to equipment can be very expensive. We are here to defend your equipment and your funds from damage.

Before we go any further, we want to define what a plenum space actually is. A plenum space is between either a dropped ceiling or a raised floor and the room’s main structure. Dust, dirt, and more accumulate in this space.  

When we clean your facility, the process often takes a few days, because the room must be cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out. Even more than that, the cleaning equipment must be specialized enough to take in dust, bacteria, mold, and airborne particles the size of 0.12 micron or bigger. There are many more aspects to correct data center maintenance, and you can check them out on our data center cleaning page.

When you need a cleaning service you can depend on in Arizona, it’s time to give Plenum Cleaning Services a call. We are fully committed to supporting your success by keeping your facilities looking like new. Don’t settle for anything less than the most excellent work. Call us today!