Plenum Cleaning Services performs criminal background checks and drug screenings on all employees.

Plenum Cleaning Services trains its employees in data center cleaning, security and the sensitivity of the data center environment and they are supervised by an experienced supervisor with over twenty-one years of work experience in Information Technology and data center cleaning.

Plenum Cleaning Services has cleaned data center environments in co-locations, h disaster recovery sites, municipalities, hospitals, financial institutions, insurance companies, military bases, telecommunication centers and retail business that are subjected to the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Red Flags Rule and stringent in-house security policies.

Plenum Cleaning Services has the experience and ability to clean any size data center and power room including: plenum, sub floor, hardware, equipment, cages, fences, overhead cable trays, overhead lights, and wall fixtures.

Plenum Cleaning Services does not introduce liquids or machines that require liquids to operate into the data center.

Plenum Cleaning Services does not use backpack style vacuum cleaners as they are cumbersome and pose a hazard around hardware and equipment isles.

Plenum Cleaning Services will report damage and potential hazards that are discovered while cleaning.

Plenum Cleaning Services removes contaminants that you can’t see.