Whether you are a veteran business owner or just starting out, having clean facilities is paramount to your success. Ensuring that your customers see a sparkling building and your employees stay healthy will keep you going strong. The only way to achieve this is to hire great commercial cleaning services, and sometimes, this process can be rather daunting. How can you know you are truly getting the best company?

You will want to meet with someone from the company and ask them good questions. In our last blog, we shared a couple important questions to ask, and we have a few more for you today. Use these questions to feel out just what you are dealing with, and if you want the company on your team.

  1. What is your hiring method?
    • Turnover in janitorial companies is often high. In order to protect your company, you will want to make sure you understand how the cleaning company hires its employees. Do they use drug tests, check backgrounds, and touch base with references? Remember, it is likely that this employee will be in your facility alone. You want to be able to trust him or her!
  2. Is it possible to use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies?
    • More and more information is coming out about how dangerous traditional cleaning products can be. Keep the toxins out of your facility by hiring a company that can clean and be green at the same time.

At Plenum Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients. Because we clean offer data center maintenance in addition to our other services, we understand just how crucial it is to be meticulous and thorough when we clean. These vigorous standards extend to all of our maintenance services. Contact us in Phoenix today to learn more!