We all know that impressions are important, especially first ones. If you are a business owner, your customers begin getting to know you the instant they lay eyes on your building. From the floor they walk over to the bathrooms they use, every inch of your facility is a representation of you. Plenum Cleaning is here to be your ally. We can ensure that your facilities sparkle and support your reputation.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, there are some very important questions to ask. You need to make sure you get a company that will be able to support you rather than be a nuisance.

  1. What are your quality assurance structures and policies?
    • Do managers make rounds and inspect the work done by the company? You will need to know exactly what to do if you are not satisfied with their work. A good cleaning company will have a satisfaction guarantee that they will promptly fulfill for no extra charge.
  2. What is your track record for customer service?
    • Check in with your network about the cleaning companies you’re considering. What have they heard? Have they worked with the companies? This is a great way to get insights that you would miss otherwise.

Plenum Cleaning Services offers both data center cleaning and commercial cleaning services to Phoenix. We are committed to going the extra mile for each and every one of our customers. When it’s time to hire a company that gets the job done, contact Plenum Cleaning Services.

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