You don’t just sell products or services – you sell your business’s appearance. You create an experience for your customers every time they visit. If they want to repeat the experience, they’ll come back. If not, you’ll never see them, no matter how great your product is. At Plenum Cleaning Services, we know what it takes to make a business sparkle in a way that customers love. We also know other things you can do to keep your customers feeling welcomed, no matter when they visit. In our last blog, we talked about smiling during phone calls and saying thank you at the end of every interaction with your customers. Today, we have two more important tips for you!

Personalize all of your communications

If you can,  find something special to remember about each customer. You can comment on it during communications, and it will make the customer feel valued. This is a phenomenal way to build customer loyalty. When they know you’re loyal to them, they’ll be loyal to you. In emails, make sure you mention previous emails so the customer knows you aren’t sending the same email response to everyone.

Handle employee breaks wisely

Studies show that employees should take breaks in areas that customers can’t see, especially not in front of the store. You run the risk of making a bad impression on your customers and having employees discussing things you don’t want customers to hear.

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